Being useful and easy has become a prerequisite. It is no longer a competitive advantage to solely adress the rational needs of consumers.


The consumer craves a personal and differentiated experience that is engaging and fun to satisfy her emotional needs on top of her rational ones.

The customer experience pyramid. When fulfilment of rational needs is a hygiene factor, potential of emotional needs is immense.



Our product is a full service Loyalty solution to add on your existing customer club, or for stand alone use. We deliver, host and maintain all your new functionality through our own infinitely scalable SaaS-platform. While the technology is platform based and easily integrated, the concept, design and logic is tailored for you and all the traits you want to emphasise.


Our tools use the drivers that fulfil emotional needs. The same drivers that engage people in all fulfilling activities every day.


Let your users get personal with each other and with you. Provide your customers the opportunity to personalize their own avatars within the world of your brand identity. Make interaction and communication on your website vivid, personal and authentic with a population of your own brand citizens.


Let your users interact, follow, like, upvote, compare and compete. Encourage your users to be creative and empower them to create ambassadors.


Provide your users with digital incentives that are tailored for your concept and identity, to reward customer behaviour of your preference and production of high quality content. Let your most engaged users create quality for all your visitors, engaged or not.


Let your users discuss, review, rate and help each other at their convenience. Take advantage of all the knowledge your users possess and acknowledge their efforts. Encourage difference of opinion and harness the power of transparency.


Surprise your online users with both recurring and quite unexpected digital events. Make it worth while to come back to your website often to explore.


Make your user experience engaging and satisfying with progress bars, levels and milestones. Provide your customers with a personal profile page that makes it interesting to come back often. Let them create their own collections to feel ownership and responsibility for. 




Your customers will come back because they really want to. Dramatically increase retention and stickiness. 


Your customers will create content like never before. Increase conversion, quality and SEO


Your customers will recommend you.

A differentiated customer experience that keeps your online presence personal, interesting and relevant.




We develop the conceptual framework and design for your new functionality. The concept is tailored for your identity and prerequisites. 


We produce, in detail, all content and final art for your new functionality. Logics, content and all functionality is implemented in the Gamifiera Platform. Data feed between you and Gamifiera is established.


We deliver all functionality to you at your preference and convenience, for instance through API or SDK.




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